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January 30, 2004 7:20am

No, I haven't been composing music so I won't be giving you the pleasure of a new listening experience. This is just to let you know that I'm taking down the mp3s of Geoff's and my album, In Remembrance for the time being. I've been bandwidth-exceeded for the second time this year, and I think I might have guessed wrong that it was the fault of the 'A Perfect Circle' Lollapalooza pics I put up a couple months back.

I was looking at the logs and it seems that there might be some connection between the famous Gnutella network and my songs. I am hhoping that this situation can be resolved soon, but I've been getting some amazingly large amounts of hits lately, and I have no idea why.

So, until I figure out what's going on, no more songs. Like it matters.


Wow. What a putz I be. I like to think that when I go and cut down a company like Microsoft for having official links either built into a program or product that go to 404s that I'm speaking from a place of logic and composure.

But when I do it myself, I wear my hairshirt.

Inside the In Remembrance album, there's a link to a page that hasn't existed on Geoscott for several years now. Lame!

I've put it back. For what it's worth...

Geoff Wolf and I made this album in 1997 that we neglected to market in any way at all (I even went so far as to put up a WEB PAGE about it, asking people to send me snail mail requesting a copy. I still have all the requests in a file folder, unanswered. Sue me! I'm lame!), so we still have tons of them.

A couple of months ago, I had my 25th Anniversary High School Reunion thingie. I brought a bunch of copies and gave away ten or so.

I realize that I can now put up the mp3s with impunity. Who cares!?

There are six cuts. Here they are:

(Songs removed for experiment. Check back soon.

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